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Many wonder what the true differences are between online blackjack and the hand they're dealt at a regular land-based casino. I'm here to detail some of the differences and similarities, and relate this to how it might affect your ability to produce some profit from the game. Online blackjack is a simple creature really, with any online casino offering you all of the variables you need to know in order to determine if you're getting a good game. The number of decks used is the primary variable that's relevant to online blackjack, as it is with land based, but the relationship is slightly different.

If you're heading to Vegas any time soon, and it's not your first trip there, you might notice some subtle but important differences at the blackjack table from your last visit. At the Bellagio and basically every major joint on the new strip, the dealers are dealing from a multideck shoe (nothing new there) and reshuffling after each hand. Woah. What, what? Reshuffling after every single hand? Yup, the new machines take each hand's cards and puts them back in the shoe, then shuffles the entire shoe. This make card counting of any type impossible. It also places land-based blackjack on exactly the same turf as online blackjack.

Now, you might be thinking, oh ya but there are better games in Vegas, in fact, I saw two deck blackjack advertised right on the strip! Yes, you did, but it was a lie. The 'two deck' games that they so prominently advertise are actually six or eight deck games, where they shuffle all of the decks, and then take two decks worth of cards off of the top. Again, no point in card counting, because it's not actually two decks, it's two decks worth of six decks of cards! Amazing that they can get away with that really, I'd consider it false advertising.

Online blackjack at least doesn't try to trick you this way. It's the equivalent to the six deck games that shuffle after each hand. You can't card count effectively, but there aren't any other weird rules going against you, so you can still achieve a decent house edge. Many have played and won at online blackjack, and of course, just like Vegas, many have played and lost, but just like Vegas, that's good enough for us!

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